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Everett, Washington

Laura Palmer's House

The owner of the iconic house is willing to welcome the "Twin Peaks" fans who come to visit. 

The picturesque colonial house in Everett, Washington, is featured in one of the earliest shots in the cult television series “Twin Peaks” (Laura Palmer’s mother is seen smoking in the kitchen right around the 8-minute mark of the 1990 pilot episode) and it’s the final location in David Lynch’s 2017 return to the series.

In fact the iconic home’s living room, dining room, kitchen, and Laura Palmer’s bedroom are integral places throughout the series, making the private residence a point of attraction for passionate Twin Peaks fans who journey to Washington.  And while a 2014 Kickstarter project to turn the home into a Twin Peaks Museum didn’t reach it’s goal, if you’re polite, the owner will let you in to look around—though I wouldn’t bet on staying for a damn fine cup of coffee. 

The current owner, Mary Reber, bought the house in 2014. She knew about its history, but that’s not what swayed her; she loved the location. She hasn’t built a shrine to Laura Palmer in the basement, but that doesn’t stop people from making appointments to see the house of the mysteriously murdered homecoming queen.

In 2016, David Lynch asked Reber to play the fitting role of Alice Tremond, the new owner of the Palmer house, in the new season. And visitors to Reber’s home have picked up since the recent finale of the new season. Reber told Vulture she is happy to welcome people, “because the lady who lived here beforehand didn’t let people see the house. So we’re getting people who watched the show when it originally aired and had been waiting to see the house. That’s really fun for us.”