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National Holocaust Monument

The mirrored section takes the shape of Hebrew characters when viewed from above. 


The Dutch national memorial for the victims of the Holocaust and the Porajmos commemorates the estimated 102,000 Jewish victims from across the Netherlands who were arrested by Nazis during the German occupation of the country. The monument also remembers the 220 Roma and Sinti victims.

Visitors wander through corridors made out of red brick walls. Inscribed on each of these bricks are the alphabetically ordered names, dates of birth, and ages at death of a victim of the Holocaust. These victims were deported and killed in Auschwitz and Sobibor.

On top of the brick walls, four stainless steel profiles are mounted in the shape of the four Hebrew characters forming the word לזכר, which means “in memory of.”

A separate section called the 1,000 Names Wall has purposely been left with 1,000 blank bricks to allow additional names to be added in case further victims are later identified.

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