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Turda, Romania

Salina Turda

This massive underground salt mine now holds a sci-fi theme park in its depths. 

With over 2,000 years of history, highly preserved galleries, and a futuristic underground attraction, Salina Turda is the largest salt mine museum in the world, and easily the most incredible.

Located in Turda, Transylvania, the site is a large underground wonderland with a brightly lit modern art theme park nestled 120 meters below the surface of the Earth. inside one of the oldest salt mines ever known. Salt extraction at the site first started in antiquity, and continued in fits and starts all the way through to 1932. Afterwards, the massive underground space was used for a variety of things including cheese storage center and acting as a bomb shelter in World War II.

Regardless of its history, this salt mine is not just a huge museum, but an epic tourist attraction. It was even ranked by Business Insider as the most beautiful underground place in the world.

The innovative look of this gargantuan amusement park seems like something out of a science fiction movie. It contains attractions like an amphitheater, an underground lake that may be explored with paddles and row boats, a ferris wheel, spa treatment rooms with natural aerosols, bowling alley, mini-golf, sport field, table tennis, pool tables.

Salina Turda is one of the most stunning places anywhere on or IN the planet.

If you aren’t able to visit in person you can now explore Salina Turda virtually, with the newly launched Atlas Obscura VR.

Know Before You Go

Location A: Entrance Salina Turda through the street Salinelor No.54B, Turda, district of Cluj (GPS : N=46.583742 E=23.776267)Location B: New Entrance Salina Turda through the street Aleea Durgaului N0.7, Turda, district of Cluj (GPS : N= 46.588833 E=23.787632)