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Joshua Tree, California

World Famous Crochet Museum

An old California photo mat has been turned into a shrine to the cozy art of crochet. 

The insanely appropriately-named Shari Elf was not even thinking of her crochet obsession when she purchased the disused photo-processing booth in Joshua Tree, California, that now houses the self-titled World Famous Crochet Museum. 

Elf had been collecting and making crochet items since the early 90s before she years later decided to purchased the roadside hut that now houses her collection. After just happening on the stand, she purchased it without a real idea in mind of what she would do with it. However, once she acquired it, she moved it to its current Joshua Tree home and covered it in a layer of blinding green paint. Her collection of crocheted items had been placed in storage, but she carted it back out and arrayed it along the new shelves she built inside.

Among the eclectic collection are just about every conceivable type of item, represented in crochet form. There are animals like poodles (Elf’s original crochet subject), bears, and unicorns. There are also more abstract designs like smiley faces and lumpy little creations that are less identifiable.

The upbeat collection celebrates the eclectic tastes of its owner as much as it does the art of crochet, but with few other contenders to the title, this little roadside oddity may just be as famous as its sign claims.