In Search of Sanctuary

This collection of Places is all about finding sanctuary in unique settings. Here at Atlas Obscura, we love to delve into special off-the-beaten-path places. From enchanted redwood forests to quartz crystal sound baths, bathtub hot springs in the desert, and breathtaking gardens, we’re drawn to environments that provide refuge, pique curiosity, and inspire wonder.

Moments for Meditation: Deep breaths, desert labyrinths, and more.

Hot Springs: Take a dip and soak away your woes.

Magical Gardens: Horticultural mastery on display.

Secret Forests: Stroll through a wonderland of towering trees.

Dreamy Landscapes: Pink sand dunes, sedimentary spires, and giant arches.

Hidden Caves: Palaces of endless stalagmites and pseudoscorpions wait within.

Wildlife Sanctuaries: Monarch butterfly groves, an island of bunnies, and a home for hawks.

Coastal Hikes: Discover blue waters, crashing waves, and hidden beaches.

Hidden Gems: Flower-shaped temples, secret river canyons, and Turkish baths.