Grand Saline, Texas

The Salt Palace

A small "palace" and museum made of, and devoted entirely, to salt


In Grand Saline, where both the salt industry and the name of the town date back to 1845, salt is everything. Grand Saline sits above an estimated 16,000 foot deep natural salt deposit (a supply estimated to last twenty thousand years), which is still mined by Morton.

The Salt Palace is actually the third salt palace to be built in the small town of Grand Saline, Texas. The first built in 1936 was torn down; the second, built in 1975, melted; however, this one, reconstructed in 1993, was made to last.

Made entirely of rock salt, the Salt Palace houses a small museum which includes salt mining memorabilia and photographs, and a film of the Morton Salt mining operations at 750 feet underground. The museum is free; visitors to the Salt Palace will also receive a salt crystal free of charge. Licking the walls, though a common occurrence, is frowned upon.

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    Tuesday through Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Sunday & Monday, legal holidays & each day during the noon hour
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    100 West Garland Ave , Grand Saline, Texas, 75140, United States
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