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Auto Hawk

A sculpture of a flying hawk made from colorful car doors. 


In this enormous, eye-catching sculpture, scrapped car doors are transformed into the feathers of a mighty hawk. The striking piece is an artist’s tribute to Albuquerque.

The 24-foot-tall sculpture comprised of 30 colorful car doors stacked atop each other. The unusual artwork was erected in 2017 and created by former Albuquerquean Christopher Fennell, who now lives in Alabama.

Fennell created the piece as a representation of what Albuquerque meant to him. He loved hiking in the Sandia Mountains and watching the birds fly up and down the mountain. Its location is by the Greyhound bus station and next to a parking structure, so the theme of cars shines through as well.

The city of Albuquerque commissioned the piece for $75,000 coming from the city’s art tax. There is no plaque or information at the location identifying the piece or its creator, so be sure to have a sharp eye when looking for it!

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