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Ružica Grad

Duzluk, Croatia

Legend has it fairies gathered at the site of this medieval castle. 


Ružica Grad is the largest castle fortress in Slavonia, Croatia, covering over 86,000 square feet. Since the origin of the medieval structure remains unknown, it has become the stuff of legend over the years. According to the legend of Ružica Grad, this castle used to be the meeting place of fairies, where magic potions were made.

Fairies met in peace here until one day, a nobleman decided to build a fortified city right on this spot. The fairies, horrified at this threat to their gathering place, used their magic to ruin the nobleman’s construction plans. Whatever the workers would build during the day, the fairies would destroy overnight.

Angered by this, the nobleman decided to erect a net around the construction site. The hair of the most beautiful fairy, Ružica, became entangled in the net, and she was caught. As a warning to all the fairies, the nobleman built Ružica into the foundations of his city. However, the fairy curse did not end there. Just as the trumpets announced the completion of the construction, a stone slid down and killed the nobleman, ending his lineage. Ružica’s name, on the other hand, still lives in the name of the old fortress.

And so Ružica Grad still stands on a steep rock, surrounded by the fresh Papuk forest. It is the crown of Papuk mountain, and a witness of untold times.

Know Before You Go

Take a hike (not long, but intense), from Orahovica lake trough the wood. Then rest and enjoy the medival city/fortress of Ružica grad.

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