Since the relaunch of the Atlas Obscura site, we’ve been sharing a sampling of our compendium of wonders in the form of Curious Fact infographics. Today marks the 200th Curious Fact, and to celebrate we’ve launched a page where you can explore each and every one of them.

Until now, you could only see random facts by refreshing the image at the bottom of the page (you can try it now if you scroll down). In addition to them all now being viewable in one place, you’re also able to share each Curious Fact of the day at the bottom of the page with our social sharing buttons. Try it out! They’re a fun way to share some of the strange-but-true facts about our fascinating planet. 


The Curious Facts are created by Atlas Obscura team member and graphic designer Michelle Enemark, who said of the “labor of love” that is Curious Fact-making:  

“I often use the Random Button feature on the Atlas to help me discover places that intrigue me. Sometimes an incredible or surprising fact jumps right out at me, but often it takes a little digging, and if I’m excited enough about featuring a particular place, I’ll research until I find the most interesting tidbit that I feel represents the wonder of the place.

My ultimate goal with Curious Facts is to present a little piece of information that makes the reader so curious to know more about the place, they can’t help but click; but when viewed altogether, the collection of facts serves as window into the myriad of strange and wonderful places on this planet.”

Click here to check out the Curious Facts, and click on any of the 200 to be transported to one of the world’s unexpected corners.