Yet another win for the Atlas Obscura Post! Please find the following antique postcard, lovingly drafted by Obscuraphiles Marina and Kevin:

Texas Postcard - Atlas Obscura Post - Sarah Brumble

Texas Ranger  Postcard - Atlas Obscura Post - Sarah Brumble

Dear Sarah - Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m posting you from Austin, TX. My boyfriend & I just adore Atlas Obscura! We roadtrip around TX once a month & check the site often for sweet stuff to see along the way. If you make your way to TX soon, hit us up! We make excellent travel companions, we promise!
♥ Marina & Kevin

Obscura Day 2011 Postcard - Gates of Hell - Turkmenistan - Atlas Obscura Post

If you’re not going to send your stunning Obscura Day postcards (pictured above) to your friends and lovers, rest assured I would adore receiving them in my mailbox. The address is on the back of the card lest you draw a blank, but here it is again for good measure:

Atlas Obscura Post
P.O. Box 6087 
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Keep ‘em coming, cowpokes!