article-imageAerial view of Prague in early morning (screenshot from Aerial Prague, via YouTube)

For three months between the hours of 4:30 am and 7 am, a group of filmmakers flew above the spires of Prague in the light of sunrise. Or at least their vision did, as they soared quadcopter drones up from the empty streets to simulate a “magic carpet ride” in the quiet of early morning.

They’ve compiled the footage into a video at Aerial Prague. Directed with camera work by Jeffrey Martin, produced by John Caulkins, and edited by David Nitzsche, the video backed by soaring violoncello and piano music by Geraldine Mucha takes you on a journey that’s like an out-of-body experience to tourist-free streets. ”Everyone dreams they can fly,” they explain on their site. “So we decided to try to create a video that could simulate that feeling of floating over rooftops — with the river Vltava below and Prague’s castle above.”

The editing can be a little rushed, but it’s just the first in what they plan will be more aerial explorations of the city at its most peaceful (you do catch a glimpse of a bridal party also taking advantage of the emptiness). Check it out below, and glimpse the sunrise of Prague from an angle usually reserved for the birds.