An attendee welcomes you into the veil. (Photo: Steven Acres)

On the evening of October 24, hundreds of bold and curious adventurers roamed the winding pathways of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn for Atlas Obscura’s Into the Veil event. Each attendee, equipped with a map that was just barely visible in the moonlight, chose which paths to take, meaning everyone had a different journey through the cemetery’s 478-acre grounds.

Along the way, guests happened upon musical performances, readings, stargazing, pop-up bars, and rarely-opened candlelit crypts filled with enchanting surprises. Here are some pictorial highlights from the night.

The Raya Brass Band performs in the back of the Catacombs. (Photo: Steven Acres)

Takuya Nakamura weaves harpsichord music into the interior of the Riddabock mausoleum. (Photo: Steven Acres)

Under a weeping beech tree strung with lights, Ryder and Hazel perform on a Tibetan singing bowl. (Photo: Steven Acres)

Silent films, with live piano accompaniment by Makia Matsumura, were screened in the chapel. (Photo: Steven Acres)

The sounds of the Saw Lady reverberate off the walls of the Morgan mausoleum. (Photo: Mitch Waxman)

Cemetery cocktails were served by pop-up bars Attaboy, The Drink, Sea Witch, Stop Time, and Gold Star Beer Counter. (Photo: Steven Acres)

Candles aglow in an empty room of the Catacombs. (Photo: Steven Acres

A Green-Wood attendee contemplates the night. (Photo: Steven Acres

Sweet Megg and the Wayfarers perform for people wandering (often lost) through the cemetery. (Photo: Steven Acres)

Guests gathered together in the tunnel and rooms of the Catacombs. (Photo: Steven Acres)

Guests stumbled upon readings by the Tarot Society in several mausoleums. (Photo: Steven Acres)

 A dancer with Carte Blanche Performance adorned in an illuminated headpiece. (Photo: Mitch Waxman) 

Tarot card readings in dark mausoleums. (Photo: Steven Acres)

Guests dressed up to different degrees for the event. (Photo: Steven Acres

Takuya Nakamura performing for guests. (Photo: Steven Acres)

Choreographer Jordan Morley designed a piece about the beautiful cigar girl for the John Anderson mausoleum. (Photo: Steven Acres

An intimate moment in the cemetery evening. (Photo: Steven Acres)

There was no shortage of candles and gravestones in Green-wood. (Photo: Steven Acres


Cemetery prowling last night. Thank you @atlasobscura for an amazing evening. #intotheveil #halloween 👻👻👻

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Cemetery performance art. We might actually be in a David Lynch film.

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