Albino animals are rare to find in the wild, but albino sea creatures are an even more elusive sight. So imagine the excitement of the lucky whale watchers who recently caught a glimpse of a pure white dolphin swimming in the open ocean.

According to Live Science, the young dolphin was spotted in California’s Monterey Bay by members of a Blue Ocean Whale Watch boat tour, as well as others, who caught a video of the rare creature.

The animal was identified as a Risso dolphin, and according to one of Blue Ocean’s co-owners, this isn’t the first time this specific dolphin has been spotted in the area.

The approximately three-year-old albino was previously seen in the area in 2014 and 2015, and now seems to have grown into a healthy young juvenile. The latest sighting saw the dolphin swimming in a pod of about 50 others, including some its own age.

It seems like, in other words, it has friends.