By far the best thing I’ve encountered so far today has been a stack of books from Life Magazine’s World Library series.  I stumbled upon them at a local antique mall while looking for dining room table chairs, and, six dollars later, walked away with an encyclopedia of America’s interpretation of everyone else during the 1960’s… and no chairs.

Who cares?! TIME WARP!

Life World Library - Atlas Obscura Blog - Sarah Brumble

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how the whole allotment of knowledge works out (i.e., Israel, founded 15 or so years prior to the publication, has the same sized book as the entirety of “Tropical Africa”).

Obviously a few oddball quotes and image scans will probably result from this purchase, which I’ll faithfully post here as necessary.  Now, please hold while I dive into the rabbit hole… If you need to find me before I return, the code word is “Siam.”