Field Trip DayJoin us in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Minneapolis on Saturday Sept 29 for a day of exploration and discovery

On Field Trip Day there is no path - only the one you make. Field Trip day is not a tour, there are no guides. This is discovery pure and simple. There are no right choices, no wrong turns – but there are treasures to be uncovered just out of sight.

Each day’s explorations will be highlighted with special installations, performances and special opportunities to uncover secret places and showcase local history.

Bring your friends, a smartphone, and your sense of curiosity. Field Trip day is free in all six cities, but space is limited.

Field trip Day New York GREENPOINT, BROOKLYN
Calling all urban explorers, history buffs, and lovers of Greenpoint. Join Field Trip to discover the tucked away Brooklyn neighborhood where colored pencils came from, drive miniature boats, learn to tie nautical knots, and take down your opponents in a dramatic re-staging of a civil war ironclad battle!
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Come out to Golden Gate Park for a day of exploration revealing the lost wonders, secret places, and little known history of the transformation of a thousand acres of sand dunes into a green urban playground. From bison and horse shoes to obscure monuments and the remains of a medieval monastery – join us and discover the little known wonders of the park you thought you knew.
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Field Trip Day Los Angeles VENICE BEACH, LOS ANGELES
Wander the sunny beachfront town of Venice, California, where thousands of artists and eccentrics have built a vibrant community. Take a glimpse into the mysterious underground Venice and find the fascinating history and mystery that lies just beneath the sandy asphalt.
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Field Trip Day Chicago WICKER PARK, CHICAGO
Join us for Wicker Park exploration, revealing the lost wonders, secret places, and little known history of the Bohemians, Anarchists, and troublemakers of the “Polish Gold Coast” Take a walk on the wild side through the working class bars and legendary music halls that make up this eclectic neighborhood.
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Field Trip Day Boston NORTH END, BOSTON
Spend the afternoon exploring the cobblestone streets of Boston’s North End, where you will meet singing anarchists, find out what makes a good cigar, and learn how a group of local guys walked away with two million dollars.
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Field Trip Day Minneapolis NORTHEAST MINNEAPOLIS
Come out to Northeast Minneapolis for an exploration through one of the oldest and most beloved neighborhoods in the city. Explore the labyrinthine confines of sprawling artist studios, happen upon tiny secret doorways, bask in the glow of gilded religious iconography, see enormous puppets come to life - Northeast Minneapolis is your oyster.
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