The perfect weapon.
The perfect weapon. CDC/Public Domain

An irate man shut down the Augusta, Maine city hall recently, after he released around 100 bedbugs as an act of petty revenge.

According to, the (for now) unidentified man entered Augusta City Center on Friday looking to apply for state assistance benefits, and when he was told that he did not qualify, he took out a cup full of live bedbugs, and slammed it on the counter. Around a hundred bugs swarmed out of the cup and began to spread, some of them even landing on a nearby city employee. Meanwhile, another employee grabbed some windex and began dousing the pile of bugs to limit their movement, and, maybe, kill them.

After the angry bedbug assailant left the scene, he was quickly picked up by police, though it’s unclear what charges he might ultimately face, according to

Just to be safe, the building was closed for the day, and an exterminator was called in to take care of any of the pests that might have gotten away, along with a bedbug-sniffing dog.

Please do not use bedbugs as weapons.