It’s not clear what anyone should expect to discover in a place with a name like “Lost Lagoon,” but after water levels dropped in the picturesque Canadian body of water—an artificial lake in Vancouver—researchers were still surprised to discover slimy, brain-like blobs.

Per a story in National Geographic, a population of strange creatures called bryozoans has been found in the lagoon. Bryozoans are actually colonies of tiny invertebrates, called as zooids, that clump together to form a coherent mass. In the case of the bryozoans of Lost Lagoon (which is somehow not the name of a Hardy Boys adventure), this takes the form of a roughly football-sized lump that looks something like a swamp creature’s brain.

It’s unclear whether the weird blobs have been in the area since the lagoon was formed by the construction of a causeway in 1916, or they took up residence more recently due to rising temperatures. If their numbers grow to sufficient size, the bryozoans could disruptive the lagoon environment. But for now their greatest impact is on the people who discover them and get grossed out.