A lot of people go to Mount Everest, probably because it’s the highest mountain in the world. 

But that also leads to a lot of problems. Like garbage, and human feces, and death. It also leads, in some places, to graffiti. 

You can probably guess what a lot of it is: “I was here,” mostly, written in many different languages, according to the BBC

But now China has decided they’ve had enough, introducing a plan this week to “name and shame” graffiti artists who leave their work at the base camp on the Chinese side of the mountain, the BBC said. 

China will also leave designated graffiti boards, for those who can’t resist leaving a mark. For those caught leaving graffiti on non-designated surfaces, they will be publicly blacklisted by China, the BBC said. 

So think twice before you tag the world’s tallest mountain. It probably isn’t worth it.