Everyone poops, including cattle, who don’t poop more than other mammals, but do poop commensurate to their size—which ends up being a lot of poop, if you have a lot of cattle. Farmers, for decades, have repurposed such poop as fertilizer, but, if they don’t, it just piles up. It also smells unpleasant, if you don’t like the smell of poop, especially the poop that is fresh and wet and pungent. 

It’s that latter category of poop that a couple in New Brunswick, Canada has accused their neighbors of intentionally piling up along their property line, part of a long-running feud, according to the Calgery Herald. The poop, pictured above, would smell whenever the wind blew the wrong way, or after it rained. It was also so large that it was viewable on Google Earth. 

The poop appeared in November 2013, and was removed less than a year later, in October 2014. But in that time the poop was “fresh, unseasoned, wet, raw manure. The smell was disgusting,” David Gallant, who sued his neighbors Lee and Shirley Murray over the poop and other issues, wrote in an affidavit, according to the Herald

A judge recently ruled in Gallant’s favor, awarding him and his wife $15,000 in agreeing that the Murrays had used the poop as a tool of harassment. 

“I have little doubt these activities were initiated by the Murrays and designed to inflict fear, nuisance and harassment against the Gallants,” the judge said.

According to the Herald, it’s unclear how the dispute between the two neighbors, who live in a rural area, started, though they have been living in close proximity since the Gallants bought their property from the Murrays in 2001. 

It eventually came down to the poop, and legal action, and, finally, perhaps, some poop justice for the Gallants. Lee Murray, though, says he plans to appeal, claiming that the poop was old and didn’t smell that bad. He would never, he said, intentionally put a big pile of cow poop near his neighbor’s property line just to harass them. 

“I’m not that type of guy,” he told the Herald