Detroit skyline

Leave it to Johnny Knoxville (and his devilish laugh) to bust the lid off of the media’s portrait of contemporary Detroit. In the first installment of “Detroit Lives,” he leads viewers on a journey through the city, introducing us to the reality beyond the violence, ruin porn, and despair touted by so-called ‘pick-and-choose journalists.’


 We meet residents, young and old, whose language used when talking about their city is telling.  Over and over, the words “possibility,” “opportunity,” and “transformation” casually roll off their tongues. From its citizens’ point of view, the city is a blank canvas, ready to become whatever they make it.  Detroit’s unique, sometimes Omega Man-esque beauty is not only an asset, it’s the groundwork for something awesome to come, and they’ll be damned if they don’t capitalize on its potential. 

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