This guy needs a nap.
This guy needs a nap. Manjithkaini

It’s raining geese on Canada’s Sunshine Coast. According to the Coast Reporter, tired geese have been dropping out of the sky, and landing in people’s yards, simply too tired to continue flying.

Over the past week, at least three snow geese have been brought into the Gibsons Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, having been found mysteriously grounded. While tests have not yet been conducted to see whether there is some internal reason for their unexpected landings, representatives of the rescue center speculate that the birds were simply too tired to keep going.

The Sunshine Coast, in British Columbia, lies along the 3,000 mile migratory path of the snow geese as they travel from Russia to the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary where they will spend the winter months in the company of friends and relatives.

No reason was given as to why these birds might have become too tired to fly, although it could have to do with a lack of food along some leg of the journey, forcing them to land at random intervals to search for sustenance anywhere they can.  With luck this small epidemic of falling fowl is just an anomaly, but hey, it’s been a long week. We’re all tired.