Fidget spinners are all over the place these days, serving as a symbol of school yard cool, and threatening pogs as the most inane fad of all time. But the coolest kid at middle school had better watch his back, because a group of Russian YouTubers have created the world’s largest spinner out of a trio of old cars.

Well, sort of. Here’s the tape:

According to the BBC, the members of Garage 54, an automotive-focused YouTube channel out of the Siberian city of Novosibirsk, welded the front half of three Lada Samara cars together. They left the engines and front wheels intact, though, and then joined them in the three-pronged shape of a spinner toy.

It took some doing, but with a driver in each of the three driver’s seats, they managed to get their creation moving in a distinctly circular pattern, although nothing like the crazed spinning speed of a real fidget spinner.

In the end, the giant junkyard spinner was gleefully torn apart by an SUV with a chain. Which maybe should be the fate of all fidget spinners.