To celebrate the new year, several locales in China’s Fujian Province have been building enormous lucky turtles out of rice.

One of the turtles, in Xiamen, is about the size of a stretch limo. It was designed to weigh 66,000 grams, six being a lucky number in China, reports Newsflare. The turtle, festooned with ribbons and sporting a jaunty red bow, is currently receiving visitors while sprawled out on a giant stage, surrounded by carnival rides and food stands.

According to HX News, another giant rice turtle, at the Xia Chua Matsu Temple in Quanzhou, was unveiled last Sunday. This one is slightly smaller, and is accented with pineapple and dragonfruit. People have been coming by to touch its mouth for luck, and to enjoy accompanying concerts and events.

After the turtles’ good fortune has run out, both will be deconstructed, and their building blocks will be donated to the needy.

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