The Changchun statue’s new look. (Photo: HRColin/Weibo)

Last week, Rome’s Capitoline Museum drew sniggers when it decided to completely cover ancient nude statues and sculptures ahead of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s visit. Maybe they should have taken a (fig) leaf from the book of some young artists in China, and given the statues beautiful new homemade pants instead.

The Cultural Square in Changchun, China, is home to a very distinct statue, well described by one blogger as “a naked muscle-man who raises both hands towards the sky.” Over the weekend, reports, a group of young people “put a giant pair of flowered pants on the naked man and took photos of it.” 

The artists putting the pants on the statue. (Photo: HRColin/Weibo)

The young people, who made the pants themselves, “said that they were not making fun of the statue, but that their actions were ‘performance art,’” meant to encourage joy in the new year. So far, it seems to be working–the formerly naked man looks warm and fashionable, though his beseeching arms do seem to say “where’s my shirt?”

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