Could you care for an indoor bison? (Photo: Jack Dykinga/Public Domain)

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the pets. As reported on WFAA8, a woman in Argyle, Texas has put up her pet bison for sale on Craigslist, mostly, Karen Schoeve says, because she wants it to find a more comfortable home.

Schoeve has been treating the bison, named Bullet, like a part of her family for her whole life, to the point that the animal now roams the halls of Schoeve’s home as comfortably as she does the small acreage of land around it. The eight-year-old buffalo weighs over 1,000 pounds, but, according to Schoeve, when the animal is in the house, it is as careful and delicate as a large dog might be. She’s even housebroken. Whether she is plopping down near the sofa because it’s too hot outside or is just staring at Schoeve’s fish tank, the lumbering beast seems to behave just like a big pet.

As described in the Craigslist ad, Bullet is also somewhat famous, having been featured in the kid’s book Heaven Is For Animals by Nancy Tillman.

But Bullet is also a massive ungulate that needs more room to roam, and, in the ad, Schoeve says that she is looking to place Bullet somewhere where she will have more space, but still plenty of human contact. In an interview with WFAA8, Schoeve said, through tears, “I just think she deserves better.” If you think you could give Bullet a better home, she is on sale for just under $6,000. Brooklynites looking for a novelty pet need not apply.