Join us for a creepy-crawly weekend as we indulge our insect fascination Saturday, March 28th with two behind-the-scenes entomology events. View rare insect specimens not typically on public display, witness a working dermestid beetle colony or take home your very own occult insect from our hands-on pinning workshop!

Chicago, IL - Obscura Society IL: The Insect Collections of the Field Museum

Chicago’s Field Museum has one of the largest natural history collections in the world, housing nearly 26 million specimens, over half of which are insects. Join collections manager Jim Louderman as he introduces us to live tarantulas, snakes, centipedes, and beetles. Jim will also present a sampling of specimens that are normally not on display, including giant beetles collected in Illinois, endangered butterflies, the first discovered specimens of a variety of insect species, and some extremely rare specimens that are not on display to the public!



Philadelphia, PA - Obscura Society Philly: Creepy Crawl at the Academy of Natural Sciences

Join the Obscura Society Philadelphia as we see, hear, touch, and pin bizarre insect specimens with trained entomologists from the prestigious Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University.

The Academy of Natural Science’s vast Entomology Collection contains over 3.5 million different specimens. Within this remarkable collection are infamous and exotic specimens that are considered omens of the occult and supernatural. Included in the collection are Egyptian scarabs, parasitic wasps, and death’s head hawk moths - famed for its cameo in “Silence of the Lambs.” We will get to see all of these unbelievable insects plus a whole lot more in this interactive presentation.

This will be followed by a “hands on” pinning workshop with real specimens and all participants will be able to take their specimen home with them afterwards!