Bear! (Photo: Screenshot via Facebook)

On a recent evening, Rodney Ginn of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., came home to find that he had a trio of very frightening house guests. There was a Mama Bear, a Baby Bear and a second Baby Bear. (No Papa Bear, thanks goodness.) This was terrifying. Ginn shot this video of the bear changing up the stairs.

There’s only a quick glimpse of the bear in that video, but here’s a clearer image:


Bears. (Photo: Rodney Ginn/Facebook

Now just think of all the times you’ve found a mouse in your house, or a particularly large bug and kind of freaked out. Yeah, bears are much scarier. 

The obvious question is: how did Ginn get rid of them? The answer is: he didn’t. On Facebook, he said that, after about 30 minutes, the Mama Bear opened his sliding door and got the hell out of there. 

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