This is an example of a VZ58 rifle, which Irish paramilitaries were supplied with. (Photo: Wikimedia)

In February 1992, Protestant paramilitaries killed 5 people in a betting shop in Belfast. The VZ58 rifle later connected to those murders was also linked to two killings in 1988. The people who committed these murders were never found, but the weapon has been—it was sitting in the Imperial War Museum, the BBC reports.

The families of the 1992 victims were told by the police that the gun has been “disposed” of. But recently investigators on a “Historical Enquiries Team” tried to track it down—and they found it on display in London.

There’s always been some suspicion that police were involved, at least indirectly, in the 1992 attack. The museum received the gun from the Royal Ulster Constabulary Weapons and Explosives Research Center and was told that it “could have been used in ‘specific events,’” according to the BBC. But the museum didn’t have any information about what those events might be. The gun’s been removed from display and sent for furthering testing.

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