In a park on the edge of Melbourne, a cyclist was going for a perfectly normal bike ride when he started seeing kangaroos. First just one appeared:

A few second later, he saw more in the distance. And then:

But there is a perfectly rational explanation for the “unnerving experience” similar to a “zombie apocalypse” that the cyclist describes in his video, according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

Lorraine Jolly, Australian bush manager at Melbourne Zoo, said the large number of kangaroos was probably due to an abundance of grass in the clearing.”

And, because the park is relatively close to the city, they’re used to seeing people. For animals, the decision to flee involves balancing competing interests (food, danger, how much energy they have to expend), and previous exposure to humans can make animals less likely to run away when a person approaches.

The cyclist, Ben Vezina, apparently didn’t seem like much of a threat to the kangaroos silently watching him on either side of the road.

Plus, the creepy kangaroos had strength in numbers. If anyone was going to get roughed up in this situation, it was the lone human. 

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