Scientists in Argentina have unearthed one of the largest meteorites ever discovered on Earth, and there’s no way an alien blob creature is incubating itself inside. According to Science Alert, the giant rock could be the second largest meteorite ever discovered.

Found on the border of the Chaco province in Argentina, the massive boulder looks like the kind of meteorite we usually only see in films. The rocky extraterrestrial sphere weighs in at a whopping 30 tons, not quite as large as the world’s largest meteorite, Hoba (apparently large meteorites get names), which was found in Namibia, and weighed 66 tons.

This latest meteorite, which has been dubbed, “Gancedo,” was discovered in the Campo del Cielo, an area that has dozens of impact craters. A different, even larger meteorite named “El Chaco” was also recently found in the region.

Despite all of the excitement over the find, researchers still need to conduct a number of tests on Gancedo to make sure it is actually a meteorite. It remains unclear, also, if there are any aliens inside.