The dig site (Image: Bar-Ilan University Expedition to Gath)

At an archaeological site in Tel Tzafit National Park, archaeologists have uncovered a large gate that, they say, adds evidence that this site is the biblical city of Gath, one of the largest cities built by the Philistines and the home of giant Goliath.

The location of the city has been subject to debate over decades, but currently, this site is the best bet. For 20 years, archaeologists from Bar-Ilan University have been working in the national park, and have found temples, evidence of an earthquake, and objects connected to Philistine culture.

This new find indicates that this was an important city—the kind that would need significant fortifications. “So far, only the top surface of the structures are visible, but based on the size and shape of the stones used to make them, the city walls must have been quite large,” LiveScience reports

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