If you’re a human, a name like “Very Stupid” is a tough row to hoe. If you’re a village in France, though, an easily mocked name has its perks. Specifically, one perk—it gets you entrance into an exclusive club, the “Association des Communes de France aux Noms Burlesque et Chantants,” loosely translated as “the French Association of Silly Villages.”

This past weekend, the member villages’ mayors got together “to exchange stories [and] local products, and generally have a chuckle,” The Local reports. They also commiserated over shared experiences, like getting teased and having their road signs stolen.

The club, which has met annually since 2003, is essentially a panoply of schoolyard-level puns somehow transmogrified into real places. There are lowest-common-denominator gigglers like Monteton (“My Nipple”) and Corps-Nuds (“Naked Body”), and slightly more absurdist ones, like Arnac la Poste (“Post Office Scam”). A full list can be found at the Association’s website.

The latest inductee, officially welcomed this past weekend, is the village of Trécon—easily mistaken, if you feel like it, for the phrase “Trés Con,” or “Very Stupid.”

Trécon’s mayor, Georges Leherle, was proud to join up. “I’m always happy to tell people where I live, I can’t deny it,” he told The Local, before adding: “Despite the name of our town, we’re no stupider than anyone else.”

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