“Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments That Look Like They’re From the Future”

Abondoned Yugoslavia Soviet Monuments from the Future - Atlas Obscura News Round-up

His photos raise a question: can these former monuments continue to exist as pure sculptures? On one hand, their physical dilapidated condition and institutional neglect reflect a more general social historical fracturing. And on the other hand, they are still of stunning beauty without any symbolic significances. (h/t Austin Kleon)


“Not Speaking”

Segovia and Velazquez, elderly keepers of a dying language, have declared it already dead, because, getting to the essence of being human, they don’t have anything they want to say to one another. 

“Lost City Revealed Under Centuries of Jungle Growth”

Head of Stone is so well hidden, in fact, that archaeologists didn’t learn of it until the early 1990s, and only because they were following the trails of looters who had discovered the site first—perhaps after farmers had attempted to clear the area, according to Kovacevich.


“500-year-old Book Surfaces in Small Utah Town”

500-year-old Nuremberg Chronicle Found in Utah - Atlas Obscura New Round-up

“Late in the afternoon, a man sat down and started unwrapping a book from a big plastic sack, informing me he had a really, really old book and he thought it might be worth some money,” he said. “I kinda start, oh boy, I’ve heard this before.” Then he produced a tattered, partial copy of the 500-year-old Nuremberg Chronicle. 

“Galactic Center Mosaic of the Milkway”

This image is a 1 billion pixel RVB mosaic of the galactic center region (340 millions pixels in each R,V and B color). It shows the region spanning from Sagittarius to Scorpius and cat paw nebula.


“The Unlikely Graffiti of Chernobyl”

I think it’s fascinating that street art, which is often branded and stereotyped as a sign of urban decay, has become a signifier of an active human presence in Pripyat.


“How to Make an Hourglass”

The Hourglass from Ikepod on Vimeo. (h/t Brainpickings)