What is happening off the coast of Dingle, Ireland? For the second time in recent months, a fishing trawler there has pulled a giant squid out of the waters.

According to the BBC, the trawler Cú na Mara caught the rare squid in its nets on Tuesday, just two months after catching their first squid, which measured around 20 feet long. The first catch was the first of its kind since 1995, when Captain Patrick Flannery’s father landed a two giant squids in the same year as well.

For perspective, there have only been seven reported giant squid caught off Ireland since 1673. As the BBC points out, four of those have now been captured by members of the same family.

The newest one is a bit smaller than the last, measuring in at just under 19 feet, but still more than enough to appear in your next nightmare. If you want to see it anyway, it is to be put on display in the Dingle Oceanworld aquarium, where future generations of the Flannery family can go to view their family’s chosen nemesis.