Last weekend, Atlas Obscura and Morbid Anatomy teamed up to host a night of Victorian Ghost Theatre & Grand Guignol at the Coney Island Museum.

Curated by the incomparable Joanna Ebenstein and John del Gaudio with Master of Ceremonies Lord Whimsey, the Grand Guignol Variety Show celebrated the mid-19th Century French and Victorian Horror Theatre.

The retro-inspired variety show featured stagings of classic Grand Guignol horror plays, a toy theater version of Bryusov’s “The Sisters,” a harmonious and creepy rendition of “Dry Bones,” an installation of classic Grand Guignol posters and delightfully peculiar cocktails provided by our friends at Hendrick’s Gin.  


Atlas Obscura writer and editor Ella Morton.

Period-appropriate gin cocktails all around.

The esteemed Lord Whimsey

Curator John del Guado



Obscura Society Grand Guignol Pictures


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