On Monday, near the Golden Ears Bridge, about 20 miles east of Vancouver, a grenade launcher, some ammunition, and and some electronic equipment fell out of a moving truck that belongs to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

An unsecured hatch was to blame, and the driver of the truck apparently didn’t noticed anything was awry until another driver alerted him. An inventory confirmed the missing items—including a 40-millimeter Abrams Airborne Less Lethal Multi-Launcher. That type of launcher isn’t designed to be deadly, and shoots things such as tear gas for crowd control.

The RCMP understandably wanted their launcher back, and eventually swallowed some pride and asked the public for help. It worked. After a few hours, the person in possession of the launcher contacted the police.

While it wasn’t quite a Broken Arrow situation, people were still upset. Given a choice between treating it as a learning experience or firing someone over it, 53 percent of the voters in the Vancouver Sun’s “Daily Poll” on Tuesday opted for firing.