In honor of our Egypt-themed week here at Atlas Obscura, and as part of our never-ending quest to feature new and interesting posts on the Blog, I have written to none other than William, the famous faience hippopotamus figure in the Metropolitan Museum of art, asking him to regale us with tales featuring his favorite item from The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s vast Egyptian collection!

Ask William The Hippo - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Egyptian Collection


Ask William - Egyptian Hippopotamus - Atlas Obscura Blog - Met Museum

dearest william, we at atlas obscura ( would LOVE to know what your favorite piece in the museum is! does it have a fantastic story behind it? why do you love it so? can’t WAIT to hear your answer. i’m not sure if hippos email or prefer to send postcards, so here’s both methods of contact: OR Atlas Obscura Post, P.O. Box 6087, Minneapolis MN 55406 [heart] us! 

Yes, I have a terrible habit of writing in all-lowercase. And yes, this is also equally as much a ploy to get more mail, as always.

Regardless, stay tuned for William’s response, as we’ll post it here on the blog!