Friday night in Calgary, Theresa and Richard Couch had just sat down to take in a hockey game, when, a few minutes later, Theresa told the CBC, they “heard an explosion.” 

“Then my husband went into the hallway,” she added, “and there was ice all over the rug and debris, and all the way down the stairs into the basement and a big, huge hole in the ceiling.”

The Couches home had been hit by a falling piece of ice, but not just any falling piece: one which originated from a Bombardier Q400, a small jet operated by WestJet, a Canadian airline. The jet, the airline said, was approaching Calgary after flying in from Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan. 

No one was hurt in the incident, but an investigation is now underway. Meanwhile, the airline said, they told the Couches that they would be paying for the damage.

Still, Theresa Couch said they remained a little spooked. They’ve lived in the same home for over four decades, though, in the past couple of years, airplanes flying overhead have become a much more consistent presence. 

“Now,” she told the CBC, “we’re very nervous.”