In the late October gloom, 600,000 graves sat dark and quiet, but around them the reading of sonnets, a dulcimer, and the slow drip of candle wax brought the night to life. It was Atlas Obscura’s Into the Veil 2017, two nights of mystery and magic in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery.

S U R V I V E (Stranger Things), Laraaji, Lucien Shapiro, Rob Roth, The Burns Archive, Ashley Rose Couture, The Apprehension Engine, and others put on a show for the ages. If you weren’t one of the 3,500 attendees, or if you want to relive it, check out the video above, shot by Addison Post and P. Nick Curran of Loroto Productions, LLC.

Into the Veil 2017 was a night off the beaten path and deep into the transcendent.