At Atlas Obscura we spend our days searching out hidden wonders throughout the world. Sometimes we find amazing places right in front of us. For Project Re-Use, we teamed up with Cadillac to explore some incredible spaces that were rescued from disrepair and interview the people who gave these spaces new life. 

Kyle Mosholder, A.J. Livingston, and Daniel McRorie live and die by style, craftsmanship, and pride in well-made work. These principles were a major part of American manufacturing 70 years ago, but have largely disappeared. Knickerbocker Mfg. holds on to these values. Making their home in a 70-year-old manufacturing space, they learned how to use the old machinery, and old techniques to make the best products possible.

I ask Kyle and Dan about the value of doing things the hard way, taking the long road, and the wisdom gained from using old machinery and forgotten skills. See the rest of the Project Re:Use videos here including a lost gem of NY architecture brought back to life, and a 100 year old Oyster Bar has been given new life as a motel, arts, and events space with the aim of revitalizing the Rockaways.. 

-Dylan, Co-Founder of Atlas Obscura

“This post is in partnership with Cadillac