The stolen bear (Photo: Denver Police Department)

In the Skyline Park, in downtown Denver, there’s a mini-golf course, designed to resemble “a mini-Downtown Denver complete with iconic landmarks.” Those include the Historic D&F Clocktower, Denver Union Station, and the city’s iconic, 40-foot-tall Blue Bear. But over the weekend, the mini version of the Blue Bear was stolen.

Local news outlets are reporting that the thieves knocked down the fence at the park and absconded with the bear.

The larger version of the bear first came to Denver a decade ago, in 2005. And, originally, it was not supposed to be blue.

“The bear was going to reflect the colors of Colorado, with sandstone colors and things like that,” its creator, the artist Lawrence Argent, told Visit Denver. “But a printout of the design came back blue by mistake, and I thought that was much more exciting.”

Police are asking for any information related to the theft of the miniature version. And to anyone else who desires their very own mini Blue Bear…there is one 8-inch version available for sale. It’s just $19.99, and you can obtain it without involving the police, in any way.

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