How now, brown cow? (Photo: Screenshot via Meg Lifson/Facebook)

In upstate New York, for months now, a cow has been on the loose.

The cow (a castrated male, so, technically, a steer) was first spotted during the summer, on Commercial Drive in the town of New Hartford. He was brown and white and eluded capture. As the local news reported, “the last time that the cow was seen was approximately 5:00am at Moe’s Southwest Grill.”

For months, there was no news of the fugitive bovine . But then he was spotted, literally on the run. Watch him go: 


Does anyone know if the police are trying to catch this bull?

Posted by Megan Samantha Lifson on Saturday, October 3, 2015

No one knows where the cow came from or where he’s headed. All that’s clear is that he is a talented escape artist: most escaped animals don’t make it this long outside their pens. (Unless they’re flamingos).  

Local police are still trying to capture the cow; they have set up a headlock feeder (a trap of sorts, which clamps around a cow’s head when it goes to chow down) in a bid to catch it.  

But the cow has fans rooting for him. He now has a Twitter feed, a Facebook page, and a #teamcow following. Local officials are warning, though, that the cow may not know friend from foe:

“When they’re on the loose for some time, they become wild animals so there is concern that they could charge at you.  So I would encourage people that this is not a docile animal that you envision most cows being, so if you see it, don’t try to come up and pet it or have any interaction with it.”

The cow probably doesn’t want to be petted anyway. As far as we can tell, it just wants to be free.

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