Have you seen this dog?

He’s hot pink, with a faded pink belly, floppy limbs and ears, and a two-inch tail. He’s fuzzy and full of stuffing. He’s also extremely well-loved—enough that one of his human friends, Julie Letton, is afraid he might be mistaken for trash.

But that’s exactly why he must be found. Sleepy Dog is the constant companion of Julie Letton’s young daughter, Phoebe Letton. At least, he was until last week, when he disappeared somewhere in Toronto, during the Letton’s family vacation. Now an army of about 1,200 kind Canadians, mobilized through Facebook, is working to reunite the pair.

As the CBC reports, Sleepy Dog joined the Letton family back in 2012, when Phoebe’s dad brought him home from a gas station. SD made it through most of this year’s vacation just fine, but just before the Lettons had to catch their flight home to the UK, the family realized he was no longer with them.

“Julie and Phoebe retraced their steps, frantically ducking into washrooms and stores” at Eaton Centre, the mall they had recently visited, the CBC reports. But they couldn’t find him before their flight departed.

When Julie got home, she wrote a Facebook post about their troubles, figuring crowdsourcing was worth a shot. But even she was surprised by the response—her post was shared 14,000 times. She quickly wrote up a whole page, Sleepy Dog Lost in Toronto.

As of press time, it has 1,200 followers, who congregate on the page to share tips and encouragement, and to report back from attempted rescue trips. The story has also been covered by the CBC, CP24, and oldies radio station 93.5 The Move.

We may not all be young. But many of us have lost a stuffed friend, or the equivalent, and know the joy that would follow this dog’s return. “Tell Phoebe there’s people in Toronto looking for Sleepy Dog,” one seeker wrote yesterday on the Facebook page. Humans may not be hot pink or fuzzy, but at least we’re doggone tenacious.