Kiddos, I can not even begin to express exactly how excited I became when I checked our post office box last week and found not one, not two, but THREE postcards lying in wait!

Number one is a real stunner – and full of mystery to boot! – mailed to us from Michael in Canada. First of all, it’s an absolutely gorgeous image depicting urban exploration in Toronto’s Garrison Creek Sewer. The photo is credited to one Michael Cook for  If this is the same Michael as the card’s sender, kudos for your work is truly excellent! Secondly, the postage is a festive Canadian stamp… but it’s uncanceled! Was Michael in my fair city without letting me know? 

Vancouver Urban Exploration Postcard - Michael - Atlas Obscura Post

Michael from Vancouver Canada - Urban Exploration Postcard - Atlas Obscura

Thanks for your fantastic website – and twitter feed! Here’s a view from Toronto. - Michael

Then we have one from our very own Allison, who has taken the time to share a jewel from her home state of Oklahoma, posted with a very special Tom Mix stamp!

Allison Meier - Postcard from Oklahoma - Atlas Obscura Post

Allison Meier - Blue Whale Park - Catoosa Oklahoma - Atlas Obscura Post

Hey Sarah! Here is an icon of my beloved home state (although I am writing from Brooklyn). A man built this whale for his wife’s birthday. Now anyone can visit and walk through its mouth. Wonderful, no? Take care, Allison [upside down, at top: My handwriting is horrendous, apologies!]

Lastly, intern-at-large Vanessa posted an image from Atlas-recommended Moulagenmuseum in Zurich. Without such postcard, I would never have known she had an iron stomach capable of laughing at the museum’s more… interesting… features!

Vanessa - Postcard from Switzerland - Atlas Obscura Post

Zurich Switzerland - Vanessa Lam - Atlas Obscura post

Sarah, Bonjour from Switzerland! Went to the Moulagenmuseum in Zurich per Atlas Obscura’s suggestion. Needless to say it as disturbing & fascinating. I laughed, I cried, but  mostly I lost my appetite. Here’s to waxen horrors! Your partner in adventure, Vanessa aka [something I can’t read through the barcode]

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Should you be so inclined, I’d be delighted to give a shout-out to your projects (see: Michael’s photography) if you include a some info, if not a sample if I may be so demanding…