I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that my latest trip to Atlas Obscura’s post office box was quite fruitful!  Not only did the circus coming to town so kindly send me two-for-one adult ticket coupons, but we also received…


Unicorn Orange Crate Label - Atlas Obscura Postcards - Blog

I particularly enjoy the froth streaming from the side of the Palomino-Unicorn’s mouth.  The back of the postcard informs us that the image is taken from a vintage orange crate.  I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during the marketing department’s pitch in which they link unicorns with citrus fruit…

Unicorn Orange Crate Label Postcard - The Atlas Obscura Post Blog

Saying hello from Virginia.  Thanks for making it possible for me to travel to the best places in the world via Atlas Obscura.  Best [?]

We have a fan in Norfolk/Hampton Roads, Virginia, home of my grandparents!  (I promise I didn’t bribe my grandparents to write me a postcard… this isn’t their handwriting.) It is our pleasure, you wonderful postcard-sender, you!

Keep ‘em coming, folks!  Send us mail at: Atlas Obscura, c/o Dylan Thuras,186 Franklin St. Apt #C11, Brooklyn, NY, 11222 USA.