Multicolr Search Lab

Compiled from +10 million of Creative Commons’ most “interesting” photos, users can search by color combinations to find just the right photo for their desired aesthetic. Or waste a lot of time playing. Either way, it’s a fun tool!

“This is what luck looks like.”


Yet another contender for the “maniac sailors” category. 

The Most Beautiful Words in English

Halcyon. Marigold. Tendril. Murmuring. Sesquipedalian. Iridescent. Quintessence. Bubble.  We’re just getting started!  I’d like to add that one of my favorite words, though not the “prettiest” per se, is SPACKLE.

The Ugliest Words in English

Moist - Ugliest Words in English - Alta Translation - Atlas Obscura Blog


Fetid. Sticktoitiveness. Ointment. Rural. Smegma. Pulchritude. Honk. Pregnant.  The image above represents the most popular contender which was, surprisingly, left off the list!



The Science of Awe and Fulfillment 

Yes, this link points to Hear me out. Considering that I feel awe is one of the fundamental qualities shared by Obscuraphiles, and the scientific argument backing its relationship to happiness is pretty interesting (and seems reasonable to me, at least).

Hidden Secrets in Unexpected Places: Secret Wall Tattoos

Secret Wall Tattoos - Paper Darts Lit Mag - Atlas Obscura Blog

During your next hotel stay, while checking the room for evidence of bedbug colonies, don’t forget to push aside pictures, mirrors, and headboards for a potential awe-inspiring surprise!

The History of Stop Motion in Stop Motion 

I love stop motion from chloe fleury on Vimeo.  We love stop motion too.  Need we say more?