For many highway drivers, seeing a truck hauling massive logs, or even a mattress precariously tied to the top of a car is enough to trigger a minor anxiety attack, lest the debris become unmoored and, you know, kill you. But if some recently-released footage of such an accident in Australia is any indication, it might not be that bad.

The video, shot last week, shows a truck carrying a loose mattress through a tunnel in Brisbane, Australia, before, suddenly, the mattress catches air and flies off the back of the truck into the road, into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist, according to the Queensland Times. 

The motorcyclist, Aaron Wood, was going 50 miles per hour as he collided with the mattress, but instead of launching the rider into the tunnel wall, the mattress got wrapped up under the front wheel of the bike, and Wood was able to ride the front wheelie to a safe stop. As Wood told the Queensland Times, he was fine save for some cuts on his hands from gripping the handles so hard.

The driver of the truck, meanwhile, did not stop, or return for the mattress. As for Wood, he said he’s just happy to have come out of it relatively unscathed. 

“The police are amazed that I am alive,” he told the Queensland Times.