This summer I’m joining up with team Steppe On It for the first leg of their epic trans-continental adventure. Here’s a little more about just who I’ll be sharing space with in that tiny car:

Andrew BassAndrew Bass has adventure running through his blood.

Fresh off a 19-month bike trek from Vancouver to Tierra del Fuego he wasted no time trading in the open air of his bicycle for the cramped quarters and AM radio of his trusty little Nissan that he hopes will carry him East.

On the motivations behind undertaking such a outlandish journey, Andrew highlighted the importance of self-reliance: “If something goes wrong, you are on your own. No GPS. No cell phones. Except for the convenience of your automobile, you are back to the way things were before.” When asked where he wanted to breakdown least, the answer was easy: “Kazakhstan. If you breakdown there you could be stranded a long time…”

Cody Bass

When not venturing from one far-off locale to another, Andrew can be found with bluegrass music in his headphones, cooking up a dish from his travels or working as a mechanical engineer (although it has been awhile since he did any of that).

Cody Bass (Andrew’s brother) enjoys playing jazz, reading books and roadtripping. During college, Cody spent a semester in the Middle East where he snorkeled with sharks, snowboarded in Lebanon and taught elementary school kids how to be rockstars on drums. If you need to find Cody in Oklahoma, try checking out any of the local jazz bands.


Team Steppe On It. Twitter is here. Facebook is here. Mongol Rally site is here. Czechout website is here.