Hey kids, we’ve got a new correspondent on board the S.S. Atlas Obscura, and her name is Nev! Everybody wave, say “Hi,” and check out what she found while traveling through the Sahara a few days ago:

Nev Found a Gazelle Head in the Sahara - Atlas Obscura Correspondent

Not only have we been promised more treasures of this ilk from Nev while she resides in Fez, Morocco (be jealous, very jealous!), but we can also testify that she has an awesome sense of humor and stories galore with which to regale us!  Stay tuned for a more formal introduction.  First, a most pressing issue is at hand:  

Anyone know how to get this gazelle head through customs and back into the States??

**Please note that we are NOT soliciting suggestions for illegal means of transport.  Rather, I’m imagining that someone here knows the in’s and out’s of LEGAL clauses, such as quarantining, artifact transport protocol, etc. We, at the Atlas, are law abiding citizens, especially when it comes to international travel law.  It’s our bread and butter, after all!**

We’re looking for some serious help here.  Comment away!