A local news organization in Denver is reporting that a white plane spent Wednesday morning circling the Denver metro area multiple times with no apparent explanation.

Denver7 called a laundry list of government agencies and couldn’t get a clear answer on what the plane was doing: “Still so far the only answer we’ve got is: I don’t know,” the news channel reported.

The plane, which had a callsign of IRON99, came from California, circled over Denver in an oval shaped like a racetrack several times, then continued on towards Oklahoma.

Denver7 wasn’t able to find out exactly who was responsible for the flight, but it’s pretty clear that the mystery plane was connected to the military. Aviation enthusiasts confidently identified it as an E-6B, an airborne command post aircraft used by the Navy and Air Force.

That doesn’t explain why the plane was making this particular maneuver at this particular moment, and why the military wouldn’t just tell news reporters what was happening. Anytime you start talking about planes and Denver, suspicions of weirdness are immediately high. But it’s probably nothing to get worked up about. For now.